The CALENDAR tends to be CREATIVE (Inspiring, Motivated, Favor Uniqueness)

They are creative and goal oriented. They prefer premium product brands which highlight difference, sensation, adventure, indulgence and luxury. Their fresh ideas and outspokenness often allows them to lead the conversation. However, they may come as overbearing for people who are resistant to new ideas and may seem rebellious in a structured environment.


Typical Strengths

  • Comfortable with change and new ideas or concepts.
  • Can be flexible in the amount of personal control they require in relationships.
  • Tolerant of the personal views and ideas of others.

Typical Shortcomings

  • Strong language and dominant features may surface under pressure.
  • May try to dominate and control the final outcome.
  • Difficult to change their mind once they had decided.


What to Talk About

They generally prefer to talk about ideas that will make a difference. So talk about something that will bring out their vision in making that difference.

What to Avoid

They will probably not share much personal details early in the relationship without a good reason. So if there is no need to, don’t ask, avoid gossip and small talks as well.

How to Say

The CALENDAR type people are especially drawn to people with energy and passion, so be the way. Yet, be brief and concise, they also prefer people who are critical yet objective.


Other Pointers

When you are attempting to present your ideas to the CALENDAR type, expect a lack of overt interests. However, this does not necessary mean that they are not interested, continuing to lead on and leave the CALENDAR to process your information in the background.

Be prepared to stay firm and stand by your ideas when the CALENDAR type start inputting their ideas. They will prefer creative or new concepts, things with flamboyant designs and animations will capture their attention. Be sure to also paint a nice picture of the future to them, they will likely want to know as well.

They tend to set milestone in their plans. They put a lot of conscientious energy into making things happen, completing tasks accurately and on time. They follow through in even small matters. They are curious, quick to see possibilities, and adept at implementing ideas. They pay attention to even the smallest details to make people feel welcome.

They have a strong sense of idealism and willingly make extraordinary sacrifices for something they believe in. They want their work to contribute to their own growth and inner development as well as to others. The organizations they establish are likely to emphasize empowering the individual and changing the world for the better.



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