The COMPUTER tends to be in CONTROL (Formal, Determined, Dependable)

They are authoritative, organized and change-resistant. They prefer familiar brands that are stable with quality that project their personality. The COMPUTER types are organized, prefer tried-and-tested methods and usually display their strength using strong words in conversations. However, they may appear to be insensitive for people who are non-task oriented and may appear rigid in organizations.


Typical Strengths

  • Able to combine emotional control and confidence.
  • Usually perceived as trustworthy and reliable.
  • Widely accepted to know how to maintain control.

Typical Shortcomings

  • May be rigid and unwilling to change.
  • Not effective when facing problem-solving that requires creativity.
  • Likely not a natural learner as he/she learns best with examples and not just through concepts.


What to Talk About

They are generally practical and action-oriented individuals. So talk about experiences in a practical manner that are action-packed.

What to Avoid

They are most likely private and authoritative, so keep a low profile and avoid dominating the conversation. Also, avoid small talks and not start by asking about their personal life.

How to Say

The COMPUTER type people tend to prefer to go straight to-the-point. So give an overview summary and be confident. Get their respect by consistently asking for opinion.


Other Pointers

When you are attempting to present your ideas to the COMPUTER type, expect them to be in the listener mode. Continue to present your ideas with faith and keep in mind that they are listening and processing what you are saying.

It would be best to present your ideas in a traditional context. Be prepared to show facts and supporting documents to them. Address what and how they will benefit in the short term as well. Be fully prepared, the COMPUTER type would expect you to be.

They bring clarity and structure to goals by concentrating on facts and taking nothing for granted. They rely upon standard operating procedures, maintain the status quo, and acknowledge power and authority that are bestowed through title and tenure. They are good-natured problem solvers. They set a standard and expect followers to do their duty and to adhere to that standard.

They have strong constitution and a courageous, resolute mindset They can be commanding, demanding, assertive, make fast decision, dominant, direct, fast pacer. Result driven, they love to win. They tend to be dominating and authoritative and like to be respected. They crave stability, respect tradition and stated hierarchies.



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