The IN-OUT TRAY tends to be INTELLECTUAL (Knowledge, Proficient, Resourceful)

They value time and financial freedom. They prefer premium brands that bear symbol of their personality, status and power. The IN-OUT TRAY type people are incredibly innovative, they weigh the pros and cons before deciding and prefers to enlist an indirect approach when it comes to conversation. However, they may seem un-excitable for people who want to excite them and indecisive as they analyze each possibility.

They tend to be early adopters of new products, services, or technology. They like the sense of adventure and experience want to experience something different.


Typical Strengths

  • Comfortable being in the background in support roles.
  • Easily motivated by creative challenges.
  • Tend to have interesting insights.

Typical Shortcomings

  • Impact of their contributions may be overlooked due to the natural support role tendency.
  • Tend to avoid leadership roles.
  • May be viewed as eccentric or erratic.


What to Talk About

They generally prefer theoretical and abstract concepts. So talk about something innovative and keep their minds active with visualizations.

What to Avoid

They are generally very well informed and have vast knowledge of almost everything. So avoid saying something that you will have difficulty backing up later on.

How to Say

The IN-OUT TRAY type are more communicative with a softer approach. So be patient with them and be specific as well. Avoid being authoritative as it will almost certainly backfire.


Other Pointers

When you are attempting to present your ideas to the IN-OUT TRAY type, expect to be answered with quiet moments that are almost awkward. However, this is the way the IN-OUT TRAY process information. Stay focused and provide facts to support your ideas. You can also expect to be led to something off-topic and your ability to contain it will increase the chances of success.

Present your ideas with a grand view of the future and introduce radical change. People with the IN-OUT TRAY types are likely to be well-versed in almost anything and likes to work with people similar to them. You do not need to be a walking encyclopedia, but you have to be well prepared for what you are presenting. Do not be shocked if the IN-OUT TRAY knows more than you in your area of expertise, it does happen often.

They are driven to demonstrate competence and look at things with a global perspective. They organize what they can to accomplish long-term goals. They are usually skilled theoretical strategists, possess implicit confidence in their own abilities and are masterful at communicating compelling visions of the future. They like future oriented projects, not small tasks. They tend to be frustrated when there is a lack of vision and direction. They take initiative, are comfortable with risk, encourage independence, and support the intellectual development of followers.

They tend not to consider others’ feelings or emotions much. They enjoy complex issues and results-oriented setting high standards, avoid crises by planning well in advance, and push followers to exceed goals. They are mainly interested in new ideas and have little concern for parties or small talk. They can, however, become quite talkative about a topic they have knowledge and interest in.



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