MUG Type

The MUG tends to value FREEDOM (Interesting, Adventurous, Carefree)

They like novelty products and ideas. They prefer finer things and luxuries in life, enjoying anything that is new, different and classy. The MUG types prefer to use subtle techniques when influencing others. Their openness to any ideas or concepts allows them to be at ease with any topic. However, they may have idealistic expectations and tend to want to ‘game the system’.

They tend to accept novel products and would desire exclusivity, pleasure and fine items and experiences in life. The love for finer things and luxuries is a trademark of the MUG types. They are also inclined to share experiences of their premium and luxury lifestyle they have.


Typical Strengths

  • Can be excellent problem-solver.
  • Likely to be strong leaders, especially in smaller, more entrepreneurial environments.
  • Prefer to solicit ideas during the development stages of a new effort.

Typical Shortcomings

  • May be impulsive and usually not worried about the effects of being impulsive.
  • Inclined to jump from idea to idea if there are no milestones to be achieved.
  • May lack focus and discipline required in a long-term plan and stable environment.


What to Talk About

They generally prefer to talk about ideas and solutions. So address the insights into matters and situations and that will spark their interests.

What to Avoid

They are generally into practical solutions. So avoid gossips and non-constructive topics that leads to nowhere. They will find them to be a waste of time.

How to Say

The MUG type people prefer people to speak with passion and commitment that get straight to the point and spare excess information that does nothing but fill the conversation.


Other Pointers

When you are attempting to present your ideas to the MUG type, expect the MUG to talk about everything. You need to stay focused and not over-listen or be led. They will also give you many inputs of how your ideas can be improved, if you are not trying to get advice, you must be firm and provide supporting information to your ideas.

The MUG type favors a combination of a good picture of the future and creative ideas that tackles practical issues. You may also expect a swift deal when everything sounds right, so be careful with what you promised.

They are unafraid to take risk and are ready to experiment and suggest ideas that are unconventional and drastic even if that means a completely overhaul of the entire organization if necessary. They will dare the group to go beyond the status quo. They take pleasure in tackling intellectual challenges. They are quick thinkers who find it easy to come up with arguments and counterarguments in any discussion, jumping from one idea to another without much effort.

MUG individuals are excellent brain-stormer. They tend to have excellent analytical and creative skill.  Good in analyzing the alternatives and offer new perspectives. Never run out of new ideas. They are good strategic thinkers and good at providing long term strategy and vision.

They always have multiple contingency plans in both professional and personal situations. Always with an eye toward the future possibilities, planning ahead and be prepared, imagining all the potential scenarios and consequences. They see opportunities where others do not, emphasize purpose and vision, and are proficient at spotting emerging trends. They expect others to concentrate on concrete details of day-to-day operations.



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