The PHOTO FRAME tends to be EASY GOING (Compassionate, Nurturing, Thoughtful)

They are careful, practical and dutiful. They prefer familiar methods in problem-solving and established brands that had a good reputation.  The PHOTO-FRAME types are thoughtful and supportive, always careful not to harm others. Their dutiful and reliable attitude usually makes them one of the most like-able person. However, they may appear weak and mindless for people who are more ambitious.

They show a lot of concern for safety and security. They are likely not an early adopter of new brands and technologies as they are more likely to stick with familiar methods and established brands. They also tend to be loyal to people and brands that they purchased once they are happy with them.


Typical Strengths

  • Will perform superbly for any detail task.
  • Do not tire of repetitive tasks.
  • Rarely challenges order or directive.

Typical Shortcomings

  • Tend to avoid leadership roles but will accept if within capability.
  • Seldom assert themselves unless necessary.
  • May be viewed by others as a follower.


What to Talk About

They generally prefer to talk about experiences and are open to sharing events of their family and friends. So talk about them.

What to Avoid

They will probably not have much interests in abstract ideas and concepts. Avoid going too quick into the main points and warm the session with some random personal issues to make them comfortable.

How to Say

The PHOTO-FRAME type people view personal interaction highly. So speak warmly and sincerely, demonstrate your genuine attentiveness to them while speaking with them.


Other Pointers

When you are attempting to present your ideas to the PHOTO-FRAME type, expect them to easily be engaged in the conversation, they have a knack for remembering and relating stories, and the whole conversation may turn into a casual meetup session.

You must stay focused and tell them what they can achieve in a short-term context and how it can benefit themselves and others. Tell them the story behind how you come out with the idea, tell them how and who had benefited from your ideas already. They will need a lot of follow-up with, so be patient with them.

They possess a strong work ethic and readily accept responsibility for things that need to be done. They have a highly developed sense of duty and do their best work in orderly, stable environments with clearly defined tasks and lines of authority. They can be depended on to follow things through to completion.

In order for work to be meaningful, it must adhere to standard procedures and produce tangible results. They are persuaded by current possibilities and alternatives as well as a need for direct action. They thrive on finding immediate solutions to practical problems.



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