The PRINTER tends to PRAGMATIC (Honest, Simplicity, Passive)

They are practical and have high regard for competency and skill. They prefer established brands that stress on safety, familiarity and value. The PRINTER types are meticulous and do things step-by-step. Their directive style during conversation often allows them to take charge of the conversation. However, they may seem egotistical for people who prefer a laissez faire style in the line work.

They tend to look at the functional side of things and will look for durability and practicality of goods and services they engaged or purchased. They will need some convincing to acknowledge the credibility and competence before they spend on anything, but once they do, they are likely to stay loyal.


Typical Strengths

  • Tend to deliver information with facts and to-the-point without unnecessary flair.
  • Likely to be persistent and motivated by the bond with others.
  • Will deliver results once the task is defined or initiated.

Typical Shortcomings

  • Not easy to accept new ideas or concepts.
  • May lack personal confidence to take charge in unfamiliar situations.
  • Prefers everything to be predictable with no surprises.


What to Talk About

They generally prefer to talk in a practical sense. So keep their interests with practical, realistic, and logical topics.

What to Avoid

They are probably not interested in sharing their private lives early in the relationship and are also not interested in yours. So avoid probing into their personal lives.

How to Say

The PRINTER type people prefer people to communicate with them in a precise and detailed manner. They are constantly checking logic as well. So make sure it makes sense.


Other Pointers

When you are presenting your idea to the PRINTER types, expect skepticism. Give them more background information to support your idea. Be as close to ground as possible, place your ideas along with others that had been there and done that.

Be prepared to give them milestones that are not too far away and are not plucking out from the thin air. They require concrete timelines and they are not afraid to voice them out. Have faith in your ideas and bring it forth to them as if it is already done.

They are forceful in implementing their plans which are pragmatic “tried and tested” approaches. They are interested in cause and effect and organize facts using logical principles. They might want to do the task independently but not delegate. They want to done right. They are adept at getting things done efficiently while taking care of routine details.

They prefer to think before replying and needs to be drawn out. They typically do not engage in small talk and no-nonsense. They may often inadvertently hurt other people’s feelings by failing to recognize the importance of emotions.

They can be very difficult to get to know as they keep most of their thoughts and ideas to themselves, especially when it comes to private or sensitive matters. They value facts and rationality, placing them above sensitivity and emotions. Consequently, they may have difficulties understanding other people’s feelings and expressing their own.



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