The STATIONERY HOLDER tends to be PEOPLE’S PERSON (Likeable, Personal, Joyful)

They like to be pampered and are easily tempted by glamorous, elegant and fanciful packaging. They are image, style, and fashion conscious. The STATIONERY-HOLDER types are amiable and compassionate towards others. Their unique blend of inquisitive yet careful ideology that values traditions often surprises others. However, they may be gullible and tend to forge intense attachments easily.

They view image and style very desirably. Having a personal style and fashion are important to them. Hence, they are likely to be tempted to glamor, elegant and tasteful packaging. As they want to look good to others, they will tend to desire approval from others before any purchase as having something others like as well give them a lot of pleasure.


Typical Strengths

  • Predictable in their performance especially in a risk-free environment.
  • A good communicator based-on openness.
  • Tend to be supportive.

Typical Shortcomings

  • Tend to be skeptical to new ideas and concepts.
  • Avoid risks that might endanger relationships with others even in face of opportunity.
  • Tend to change their mind on what they said or agreed on.


What to Talk About

They generally prefer to talk about values and personal experiences. Nothing is too personal or trivial to talk about.

What to Avoid

Criticizing them in any way is a big no-no. Avoid interrupting them or finishing the story for them, let them finish the story on their own or when attention diverts elsewhere.

How to Say

The STATIONERY-HOLDER type people like personal attention. So look at them and pay attention to them when they speak. Make the interaction personal and friendly.


Other Pointers

When you are presenting your ideas to the STATIONERY-HOLDER type, expect them to listen as a friend. They tend to beat-around-the-bush and shift away from any risk that will bring change. You have to expect questionings from them, provide them with examples of others involved and benefits to them and people close to them.

You have to stay focused and keep bringing the topic back to your idea but not in a forceful manner. Expect an open to discussion attitude from them, however, do not take advantage and always consider the matter to their benefits, if not they will be turned off by your attitude and switch you off totally.

They usually do not initiative taking the lead but are loyal followers. However, having said that, it does not mean they cannot be a leader. It simply means if they were to lead, they will not adopt a dominating or direct approach. People will be attracted to their charisma and eloquence. They derive satisfaction from work that provides the opportunity to enhance personal growth and contributes to the well-being of others. Though abundantly practical, they are also big dreamers.

They are usually warm, kind, humble, empathetic, thoughtful, friendly, outgoing and enthusiastic and popular. They rarely have difficulties connecting with other people as they can relate to people easily. Hence, they have no problem making friends or fitting in. They enjoy the present moment and have a quiet sense of humor.



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