The TELEPHONE tends to be ATTENTION HOLDER (Fun loving, Popular, Trendy)

They like recognition and be in the spotlight. They like to be the trend setter and also showing their success to their peers. The TELEPHONE types are outgoing and friendly, which shines in conversations. Their flexible attitude makes them adapt to change relatively easily. However, their willingness to share may not be appreciated by those who prefer to be left alone.

They are inclined to spend on prestige products and services. They like to be complimented and will appeal to products or services that make them part of an elite group with luxurious and glamorous lifestyle.


Typical Strengths

  • Highly likely to produce unique ideas and concepts.
  • Can be excellent problem-solvers for short-term assignments and within area of competency.
  • Comfortable with change and new ideas.

Typical Shortcomings

  • May have trouble focusing and following-through a plan.
  • Tend not to be able to effectively lead in long-term, consistent situations.
  • May tend to be impulsive.


What to Talk About

They generally prefer to talk about people than the technical side of things. They tend to share their personal experiences, so let them.

What to Avoid

They are likely to talk about their life experiences, avoid criticizing their actions in any way. Also, avoid bringing up too many topics up at once, or else, there will be no focal point.

How to Say

The TELEPHONE type people like interactive people who are also willing to share their experiences. So be enthusiastic and imaginative. Smile, relax, and start sharing.


Other Pointers

When you present your ideas to the TELEPHONE type, be prepared to be thrown with lots of ideas and opinions, stay firm and not get led. You have to have faith in yourself and provide the reasons behind why your ideas are like that.

Give the TELEPHONE type individuals a background knowledge of how you come up with the idea, tell them who else does this, or who else uses it, or pointing out that this is the way of the future. Let them know that people will be benefited by it and draw them in with prestige and privilege.

Most of their solutions revolve around people or ideals as opposed to technical strategies with overviews and in depth-synopsis. They value harmony and cooperation and possess a genuine concern for others. They expect and count on people to focus on implementing structure and follow-through their plan including the practical realities and the details of day-to-day operations.

They are bored with details and reject mundane tasks. They enjoy work that involves experimentation and variety. They value participation, cooperation and determination. They promote new ideas, possibilities, and are catalysts in the implementation of change. They prefer the freedom to express and carry out their ideas and dislikes being placed in a box.

They derive satisfaction from making original ideas real and meaningful. They are willing to venture forth into uncharted territories. They need to augment their natural abilities by working with others who are comfortable with change and with flexible methods of doing things.



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