Main Appeal

Appeal refers to the preference of contents. Whether emotionally charged or backed by cold hard facts, this can sway a person’s decision in a flash.

Appeal by Facts

They are people who are attracted by the facts available. They tend to make decisions based on logic and reason and prefer cold hard data backing them. They prefer to make educated decisions from facts before the emotional appeal.

Appeal by Emotions 

They are people who are attracted by stories and clauses behind. They tend to make decisions based on personal experiences and prefer the human recommendations and interactivity backing them. They prefer to make decisions based on relationships before cold hard facts.



Rolex is a luxury swiss watch maker founded in 1905 in London. There is no doubt that it has a rich history and a reputation as a status symbol among the rich and powerful. Tradition runs deep in the brand and watches are the primary product they sell. However, they do not just rely on being a status symbol to be successful. They appeal to their clients and potential clients by listing facts and triggering emotions in them.



You can see some of Rolex’s Facebook’s post that are classical examples of how businesses can appeal to clients who are factual inclined below. The first is an introduction of Rolex Oysterflex strap, along with a short video, it showcases how it is used in a Rolex watch without being overly complicated. The second appeals with a “Did you know” manner stating the fact how the Roman numerals are done. The third shows off its dual time zone innovation with a rotating off-centre disc, something that isn’t immediately noticable.



Below are some of Rolex’s Facebook’s posts that appeals to the emotional state of mind. The first introduces the Cosmograph Daytona watch. It comes with a short video that brings out the beauty of the watch and reminds their clients that Rolex is not only a watch, it is a beautiful piece of art that you wear. The second highlights the link between Rolex and the prestigious golf tournaments, subtly suggesting that the people who wears Rolex brings prestige to them. On the third, Rolex brings out former glory and previous track record, highlighting to their clients that having the Cosmograph Daytona is a symbol of reliability and performance.

From the above examples, you can see that a successful company can bring out its best and present them in the form to appeal to either factual or emotionally appealed people. There is no need to sacrifice any form of appeal at all. You just need to create your content or concentrate your marketing efforts to appeal more to the side where your best customers are. In the case of Rolex, you will notice that Rolex’s strategy is tilt towards the emotionally charged individuals.

 This comes as no surprise as Rolex is a brand that is filled with history and tradition with its main attraction as a status symbol also entices the crowd that are more emotional.



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